Meet the Team


Scheduling and Financial Coordinator

I enjoy talking with our patients, and learning about their lives. We serve a great community and our patients reflect that! I started working in the dental field in 1989. I’m a certified dental assistant with expanded duties, and have managed dental practices since 1999. I handle all administrative interactions with our patients and for Cherry Creek Dental Associates. It’s fun to work in such a positive, professional environment, where our patients’ comfort is a top priority!

I have two amazing sons, now in their 20s, who graduated from Regis University. Originally from New Mexico, I’ve been in Denver for several years. I love skiing, hiking, and exploring the area’s amazing restaurants. I also enjoy reading.


Dental Hygienist

I enjoy my conversations with our patients. Everyone has such interesting lives and experiences: I find I learn a lot about the world from what they share. I started working in the field as a dental assistant, and now love being a hygienist. Working directly with patients, I examine their mouth for signs of dental diseases and provide thorough, gentle cleanings. I spend a lot of time teaching patients about their oral health and how they can keep their smile healthy. Dr. Friedman and my coworkers are my second family and we feel the same about our patients!

I’m engaged and we’re getting married in September 2017. My life is shared with a fox hound mix pup, who loves keeping me company, especially outdoors. I like hiking, camping, trail running, traveling, and trying new restaurants.


Dental Assistant

I love when a patient finishes a procedure and can’t stop smiling about how smoothly it went and how great their smile looks! I started working in the field in 2001 and have a degree in dental assisting. I’m also certified for expanded dental function and duties. During visits, I seat patients, prepare them to see Dr. Friedman, and assist him while supporting our patients. Dr. Friedman is a great — and gentle! — dentist who is serious about patient comfort.

I’m the mother to an 18-year-old son who means the world to me. I’m very close with my family and love traveling with them.


Dental Hygienist

Having a healthy, clean, and beautiful smile really improves our lives. I want my patients to have a smile they love to share and to understand why and how to keep it healthy! I’ve been part of the dental field since 2008 and have a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. Working closely with my patients, I teach them how to keep their teeth and gums clean and in great shape. By the time I’m finished with their cleaning, patients’ smiles are beautifully clean and sparkly and they know what they need to do to maintain it!

When I’m not working, I’m usually spending time outdoors. I love hiking and camping with my rescue pup, Scooter. I also love rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing, do a lot of traveling, and am a professional photographer, too.


Dental Assistant

I love being part of a great team that helps our patients smile more! Seeing a patient move from disliking their teeth to smiling at the drop of the hat always makes me happy. I’ve been in the field since 2005, and have a degree in dental assisting and a certificate for expanded dental function and duties. I provide patient care and assist Dr. Friedman as he sees and helps patients. I also sterilize our tools and equipment and handle inventory and ordering. We have the best team: everyone exhibits great integrity, yet we also have a lot of laughter here!

I’m happily married and have two children and two bulldogs. I love going to the movies and traveling, especially to the beach!